Friday, May 31, 2013

Finally Friday!

Yahoo! It is finally Friday!! I have been dragging all week long for some reason!
Here are 5 things for Friday!

 Have you ever read Al Capone Does My Shirts? It's about family and friendship with a little bit of Alcatraz thrown in. Personally I like the book each time I read it. My 7ht grade students on the other hand thought it was going to be all about Al Capone. We had great discussions about what it would be like to live on an island with  prisoners. I gave the class some tidbits about my husband and his job. The boys were especially interested. So another book to be shelved for next year.

2. I have been loving Ruby Holler. Another book about family. I have been reading this book on tape with my 6th graders. Off the top of my head I can not remember who is reading us the story...but let me tell you she really gets into character! We are learning about the twins Dallas and Florida who happen to be orphans. Tiller and Sairy have decided to take them each on a trip. Anything that happens in the story Sairy is always turning it around to make the children feel better about themselves. It really is an endearing book. I think I am going to hate when this one ends.

3. Today I finally told my 6th and 7th grade sections that I would not be teaching them next year! I told them that I am off to 2nd grade to teach. Some stated that they feel that I am deserting them. Talk about "pulling" the old heart strings!  Others wrote their feeling down in their of my boys said that I have been like a 'Mom' to him. Of course I could not look at him after tears were welling up in my eyes. You never know what type of influence you have on your kids. I will miss all of them...but I have decided I will write them letters and then they can write me back...did I mention I will be about 5 minutes away? lol

 4. I actually overslept this week! I never I said earlier I have been dragging this week! Did I tell you what popped up today around 3:30? A sore throat! Haven't had one of those in ages either! Hoping I do get sick over the weekend...I have too much to do!

5.Just want to share this final thought. The past week I have been doing Word Search Races. I time the class for about 5 minutes. I tell them to stop and count. Whoever has the most  is the winner for the day. I then give them a little something. If they win 3 times in a week they can not win again. This is actually working with some of the students. They are improving with each passing day.

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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