Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Count the Joy

There is so much sadness in the world..however if we would just count the "Joy" we would be in a much happier frame of mind. Below are my Top 5 Joy Makers:

1. Spending time with my husband and girls. It is nice to just sit and chat about our day over a a home cooked meal. Have a feeling this is going to be limited this summer due to work schedules.
2. to bake any time I have a free minute. I love seeing the "joy" on faces when they have tasted something really good!
3. When one of  my students "get it!" You can see the light bulb lighting up. I just love that!
4. Children playing in the sand. Children's chatter back and forth just warms my heart.
5. Making a difference......  I think it is so important for children and adults to think of others other than themselves. When we have a cause and raise beyond our expectations that brings me "joy!"

What brings you joy?

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