Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday Already?

Fridays just keep on ticking away! How is that possible? I am linking up with Doodle Bugs
Here are my 5 random thoughts for today.

Love going to Applebee's. I tried their Fiesta Lime Chicken. Can you say, "Yummy?" It was very flavorful..not too spicy. Always love chatting with my dear friend. We laugh and talk 'shop" all the while sharing appetizers and desserts. Always a fun time. We pick up where we left off, which to me is a sign of a great friendship!

Headed to Target today and   found 9 drawers for my awards for a reasonable price. I am going to use 
an idea from :

Hoping the prize idea will work along with the tickets this year.
How do  you  do your classroom management? Do you stick to one idea to start or do you incorporate a few to start your year? I am also going to do the Bucket Fillers which I love. I ordered jungle style buckets from Oriental trading yesterday, since I am decorating my room like a safari.

Wishing I had a Fairy Godmother to do my cleaning. We have another realator coming to the house on Sunday to re-list our home since our last agent wasn't a go getter. Today alone we have had several agents calling the house asking to be our new agent. It's interesting to hear them say that they are the guy to get the job done! So my weekend will be spent hiding and carting things out of the house once again. I dread it. Ugh!

Ever feel like a Taxi Service without the fee? Here it is only week one of summer vacation and I feel like I have driven 100's of miles between taking my oldest to work and my youngest to basketball practice/games. The most difficult time for me is driving at night. How many of you enjoy driving at night? I can not stand the glare, if it is raining, the lights...etc...hoping it gets easier.
Thinking of my lengthy To Do List. I feel like I keep adding to it and it is never going to dwindle. this coming week I have decided to focus on Classroom Management. I will gather and make my items. Then the following week I will focus on Science, and so forth. This way I think I may feel less overwhelmed by it all.
How about you? How do you plan on managing all that you have to take care of this summer?

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  1. Love your blog, just found it through Five for Friday. I'm doing the bucket filler idea, too - and we already have a school set of rules and consequences we use that went over well when we started last year. The only problem is there are no rewards, only consequences - so I'm going to use the free rewards I've seen all over pinterest - sock day, hat day, use the teacher's pins, swap desks for a day. Those kinds of things. I'm a first year teacher, so I'm looking for frugal things to do and use! There's so much to buy for a new room!