Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Slow Down!

Well it is raining here once again. The weather men say that it has been the rainiest summer on record! Really? One day it is sunny and the next rain. It is like a roller coaster ride...just how I am feeling right about now regarding school. I feel  like my mind is all over the place. Do you ever have that feeling?
   Today I have found myself jumping from one project to the next. One minute I am on the TPT site printing out my purchases and the next I am looking at my favorite website Pinterest. Ugh! It is just hard to focus. Maybe I have ADHD??!!! and don't know it! lol
   I did travel to the area's Teacher's Store today. Talk about overwhelming! The store is out of control. You could spend hours in there and not be able to see everything they have for sale.
   I did pick up these regarding the Common Core Standards. I know that I will be using these flip charts weekly to do my lesson plans. There is a great deal of information in these little babies. If you get a chance check them  out.

Well I am off to play taxi driver....hopefully the drive will clear my head so that I can get back to planning.

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  1. Where is this so called local teacher's store you speak of???