Friday, August 16, 2013

Teacher Tips and Tricks

#1 On the first day of school I provide each of my students a folder that they take too and from school. One pocket is for important notes and such...the other pocket is for papers that need to stay home. This year I am using this cover since I have the Jungle theme going on in my classroom:

I bought this off the TPT site:
It holds the children accountable and keeps them organized at the same time.

#2 Make sure you have something to keep you hydrated throughout the day. I am constantly drinking my water. This year I bought this at the grocery story to remind me :


Realize that we can not do it all! If you have an aide..ask her nicely to assist. On the home front if you have children, have them help around the house. It's ok to assign chores, plus it alleviates the stress that you have.. I have to tell husband and girls do their own laundry..I am not afraid to say it ! lol

My close friend Greta's father who happened to be a building principal used to say to the two of us,"Plan your work. Work your plan." I always have my lessons mapped out even though they have to be on the computer now. I always have a hard copy on hand. I also always have a legal pad handy so that I can jot down ideas or things I think of. Now do all my lessons go as planned? Heck no...but I do need that road map to keep on track.

Love what you are doing! So many people stay in teaching for the wrong reasons. There are some miserable teachers out there. Those people are not doing a service to the children. So if you truly don't enjoy it..I say find another profession!
 I know some  of you have read this before,but I am going to share it again. In September I will have been teaching 32 years. I walk into my classroom and treat it like it is my very 1st year of teaching! I am so excited the night before that I really have a difficult time sleeping! It's like Christmas morning. I truly feel that in spite of what is constantly thrown at us..that my first day mentality has kept me coming back with a happy and grateful heart.
May your year ahead be filled with promise and joy!

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  1. I started using in January and I LOVE having it on the computer. I can bump lessons to the next day if I don't get something completed. It beats scratching stuff out and having stuff written all over my lesson plans. It's the best $12 I have spent in a long time! Oh..and you can even pull a drop down of your state standards or Common Core!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'