Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We have officially been in school 11 days! 11 is usually my favorite number...but I should have known the day would be a tough one since I overslept 45 minutes this morning!!!! Really?! My alarm went off...I thought I hopped out of bed...I guess I must have dreamt it! lol.
My little guys are simply said, "You are beautiful!" Aww.."You just filled my bucket!" The day was turning I thought....until another little guy started hemming and hawing...I am tired....Waaa! Waaa! He mentioned everyone was snoring last night and he couldn't sleep. Really? I made mention that I was at school the night before for Back to School night until 8...only to have 1 parent out of 6 show up...and I over slept to boot...I told him I should be crying....( I really did feel bad for him)
So the day progressed..a no show for an IEP. My little guy in the morning was making a turn around until there was an interruption...he starts whining again ..only this time he crawls under his desk. Meanwhile I am thinking...I would like to crawl under his desk with him..but I couldn't since I was in the middle of discussing goods and services with the rest of the class. He eventually started contributing to the class discussion. I knew he would when I started to ignore him.
A bright note...he did apologize on his own before dismissal.
That is one thing I am loving about 1st and 2nd grade..they seem humbled. They apologize on their own and they give hugs! Which I love. Middle Schoolers on the other hand  have a harder time admitting when they are wrong...and you certainly can not hug them for fear it will be misread by someone.
Here is hoping I wake up on time tomorrow and my little guy has a better Thursday.

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  1. 11 is my favorite number too! I hope day 12 goes better for you. I probably would have told the sweet darling that I wanted to climb under the desk. That's the fun thing about 5th can pretty much tell them anything you are thinking and they get your humor. I can't tell you how many times I have overslept. It's my worst nightmare come true. I do not like mornings on top of it.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'