Thursday, May 30, 2013


I am going to do Linky a bit differently:

Learn how to type in these Linky Boxes from all of you wonderful Bloggers! I know it shouldn't suck away all of my time on the computer! Thus this is my version Kim....sorry Also I am going to keep up with Blogging since I did such a horrible job this past school year. Hopefully I won't get frustrated with it! :)

 Continue to implement Daily 5 but....I would also like to implement Math Daily 5 along with Interactive Science and Social Studies notebooks. Anyone ever do the Interactive Notebooks at the Elementary Level? If so do you have any helpful hints?
Make many of the things that I pinned from Pinterest. My list seems endless. Looking forward to Make it Mondays with Tara at . Last summer I made the Toolbox. It was so much fun to make and I loved having it in my classroom. Need to change out the paper to Safari Print since I am going to do a Jungle Theme in my classroom.

To have a great time teaching 2nd grade Special Education again after being away for so long. Prior to teaching 15 years at the Middle School level I taught at the Elementary Level for 16 years. A job finally came up in my district. So very excited to go full circle in my career! :) Is my head spinning? Yes, but it's a good spin.

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