Sunday, May 26, 2013

Five for Friday....on Sunday

I realize that it isn't Friday...however I thought I would throw 5 random things out there! lol

1. Never thought I would be vacuuming my swimming pool in my winter jacket today! Brr...It is cold outside! lol..Next weekend is looking up they are actually calling for a Heat Wave !! Yahoo...summer I know you are out there somewhere!

2. Started my To Do List for my new classroom! Since I still have a few weeks left of school,I always start doing my list for the summer. Each day I add to it. I keep a notebook right by my computer in my office. I am really looking forward to whittling it down during the summer months. I always dislike the end of school...but my thoughts always turn to a clean slate in September.

3.Love hearing children sing,especially my own. As I am typing I hear my youngest singing to her IPod. It  warms my heart on this chilly Sunday in South Jersey.

4. It is still swirling in my head as to........ Why didn't those Oklahoma Schools have Safe Rooms in their buildings?! We can pay professional ball players scads of money,yet we can not protect our nation's children?!! This kind of stuff just makes me crazy! As Americans I think we really need to open our eyes.

5. My final random thought for Sunday...but we are pretending it is
that I simply love Sundays. It is known as  Family Day in our house... after we get home from church.... I trudge through doing my lesson plans. We simply just try  to hang out and do really nothing! I love working in my kitchen too. To me it is a form of therapy and it always puts my head in the right place before a week of school starts. Tonight I will be grilling in my jacket...and baking chocolate chip cookies,not necessarily in that order. We may also take a drive to see the sunset. It may be as pretty as Oklahoma's.

What are you doing randomly today?

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