Friday, July 19, 2013

The Write Stuff

It's Friday already? Time is just ticking away this summer. I am linking up with Ashley from:

to share with you my 10 Pins from Pinterest associated with Writing.

So get your pencils ready for my favorite writing pins from Pinterest.

1. Story Stones.
These are on my to Do List..thought this was a cute way to generate a story in my students' Writer's Notebooks this year.
Once you go on this site..type in Story Stones

2. Storytelling Basket
Anna from:

I love this idea as well. I need to start finding little things to put in my basket this year. :) Ugh! The To Do List is getting longer by each click of the mouse!

How do you like this Anchor Chart of Writing Goals? Students simply write their name on a post it  strip and place it by a goal on the chart.


A great bulletin board idea from Nancy. I actually did this last year. It reminds me of the Cafe Method. It is a great source to refer too when writing.

This book is not on my pin board...however I highly recommend it! Jennifer does a great job breaking writing down by month. She even includes genres to go along with techniques you are teaching. I truly feel it is "Must Have" in any teacher's toolkit. Check it out on Amazon. It is worth a look. 


While blog stalking the other night I came across this creation from Julie.
These are super easy to make using a tongue depressor,giant eye, and her printable that she provides. Kids simply take the stick and check their writing with the icons on the stick. Spacing,Word Choice,Adding Detail,Punctuation,etc.....It's a great tool to keep them focused. I love the BIG EYE too!


Heidi and Emily have done all the thinking for us! On their site is a wealth of information per month on writing activities. When you have the time..check it out. It is so worth it.
Corbett's website has more great ideas. He includes lots of pictures  along with suggested Mentor texts to teach concepts. I like anything with visuals.


Anything set to music,children are bound to remember! What a great way to teach the Writing of a Letter!

 A great visual for students to self assess during the writing process. They simply put up their fingers when you say, "Rate."

There you have it...My 10 Pins for Writing. What are yours?

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