Sunday, July 28, 2013

Math Mind

Math was the order of business this week. Right now I feel like time is ticking wayyyyy too fast! How is it already August next week? So much to do,so little time. Trying not to panic.
So here is my game plan regarding my Math block:

Each day I will start with my Calendar Area where we will focus on the date,weather, yesterday,today, etc..Then we will move right into a mini version  of Mountain this case I am going to call it Monkey Math since my classroom theme is jungle. Check out Teacher Tipster..... he has printables on his website that go along with Mountain Math.His video is found on Youtube. This guy really cracks me up. I would love to be in his class!

 Once we are completed our Monkey Math then we are going to fall right into Daily 4 M A T H... a twist on the Daily 5.....Which are Math facts, At your Seat, Teacher's Choice, Hands on Manipulatives. I did this a few years back and the kids loved it,even at the Middle School level. I will throw mini lessons in between along with some Mentor texts to help with concepts.
Each of my students will have a Problem Solving Notebook to record their thoughts and answers in.
In addition to all this Math Madness I am going to intertwine Debbie Diller's concept of Math Stations.

                              This may be the Hands on Manipulative piece of M A T H.

                                Below are a few Anchor Charts that I whipped up this week.

Here is another one:
My hope was to start working on Literacy this week..most likely that will not happen due to the fact that my week is loaded with basketball games and 2 days of a Christian Retreat towards the end of the week. I may just have to continue working on more Math and tackle Literacy next week when I have more time. We shall see.

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