Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cruising Around the Classroom


Well..I was finally able to get into my new room. Here are some before shots: you are aware last week I lost all of my before shots of my new classroom due to my phone getting busted! Imagine my room looking something like this:
only 10 times worse! It took me 7 straight days to achieve this with the help of my girls:

This is part of my reading area. A sweet friend has loaned me her tree for added atmosphere. Love it!

                                 A place for my students to have their Masterpieces Displayed
The zebra covered table to the left of the file cabinet is my desk...but it is going to be my Science Discovery table.
The BIG poster in the background is a growth chart. Behind that wall is added boxes and supplies that I still need to go through. Did I mention that I have NO closet space in this new room?! Ugh! I am going to need to be creative. Classroom Jobs displayed.

Bought Foam board to put up additional displays:

 My Owl Brag Tag area. This is also a Current Event area along with a journal prompt...apples with worms are going in that tin bucket with prompts on them.
One of my favorite areas is my Writing Center. All the tools are there for the taking. My easel has the following displayed on it: Did You Know?...I am just going to jot down an interesting fact and discuss with the kids during Morning Meeting.

This door is merely a hula skirt at the top and some butcher paper. Yesterday I heard a little one walk by and make monkey noises. Too cute!

                                                         Another view of my reading area.
                     Buckets for filling...everyone's name has since been placed on the front.
Another view:

                                  Safari Hats along with treasures for the first day of school.

Still have a few things to finished. Thanks to the following from TPT:
Amy Lemons,Christina Bainbridge,Ginger Snaps,Barbie Roper,A Cupcake for the Teacher,Lisa Richling,Chalk One Up for the Teacher,Miss Nelson,Miss Kindergarten Love. If I have forgotten someone I truly apologize.
Here is to a great school year!


  1. Holy've been one busy gal! It looks fabulous! You give every kid a safari hat to keep? That's awesome! After looking at all your pictures and ideas, I'd love to be a student in your class. It looks like learning will definitely be FUN in there with you!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Thanks Alison! Those hats were given to me last year by my aide. They will be perfect when they are reading their books.😊

  3. Awesome, Deb! Love all the hard work. Are you self contained? Hey where did you get the jungle tins?


    1. I am now at the Elementary request,plus I wanted to go full circle with my career. So I am super excited about this year,even though I will miss my Middle School peeps....they are just across the Parkway.
      The Jungle Buckets I got from Oriental Trading.
      Thanks for the positive was well worth all the work the girls and I put in this past week.
      Have a great start to your year MB.

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