Tuesday, July 15, 2014


My mind must already be in school mode... The past few nights I am seriously wide awake at 3 in the morning. Ideas and lists are swirling around in my head already and I don't go back until after Labor Day!

Before I even hit the pillow last night though a major jolt of thunder swooped over our house and actually caused the entire house to shake. This was a bit unnerving since I was the only one home. I was ready to scurry down to the basement if need be! They are calling for the same tonight. Not looking forward to that.
I have started organizing and purging my school materials from last school year. Do you ever just throw things in a bag and then just bring it home and go through it when you are good and ready? I am nearing the end of this tedious process. I can then focus on things that  I want to make for my

 I  am switching my theme from the jungle to cute monsters. Love all the things I have seen on Pinterest. I feel Iike my To Do List keeps getting longer and longer. I realize it will eventually get done.

Another area I am focusing on this summer is Math Daily 5. I have been blog stalking and gathering some ideas to implement this in the fall. This picture above I took off the internet with images so I am not sure who developed this...but now I am on the hunt again. I love Daily 5 so I am hoping I can swing this as well.. I have also been reading Guded Math this summer..... I think this could possibly go hand in hand.

I have also been cooking some pretty good dishes this summer. The Pioneer Women's Snowpea Stir Fry  is delicious. So is Ina Garten's Corn Salad with basil. I have also made Toffe Bars with graham crackers,butter,brown sugar and pecans. These I found on the Cooking Channel...by Julia Baker.
 Talk about yummy!

So here is hoping since I have all this randomness jotted down that I can sleep a bit better tonight.
Thank you for humoring me.


  1. I must have been having sympathy for you because I was WIDE AWAKE last night and could NOT sleep no matter how hard I've tried. I have an inservice tomorrow morning and have to be up by 6. I am dreading that! Your monster theme is going to be cute! Can't wait to see what all you come up with. All those recipes sound devine. I'm going to look up the Pioneer Woman one right now.
    P.S. Your comments are going to No-Reply...probably because of Google+. Ideas by Jivey has a way to fix that on her blog under "Techy Tips". Hope it helps! :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I love monsters, too! So much so that I have a Monster Everything pinterest board. Check it out here: http://www.pinterest.com/kidpeopleclass/monster-everything/ Also, I've heard good things about the Pioneer Woman's blog. That recipe looks delish! Thanks for post! Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom