Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Linky Party

My Life as a 3rd Grade Teacher
Lindsay is having a Linky Party: Must Have Materials for Reading and Writing Workshop. 
Reading Workshop Materials that are necessary in my classroom are a variety of books. Before summer began I used the Lexile Scale to sort all the books that I have gooten over the years. I think not only will I use that system but I will also include a genre system as well. Baskets are essential. I grabbed labels from Beth Newingham at a few years ago. This summer I found cute labels as well from Kristen over at Also in my reading Workshop my students will each have a Reader's Response folder where they can record their thoughts about what they have read.
Comfort is another element that is important in any classroom. Beanbag chairs are a favorite in my beanbag chairs
classroom. Last summer I actually was awarded 4 beanbag chairs through I also have a bunch of rugs that the students can use as well.
Lastly for Reader's Workshop I use a great deal of picture books from the library. I feel students are never too old to hear me read. These books are used as springboards in areas of the reading process.
Writer's Workshop
If I was able to get into my classroom I could include a picture of my Writer's area. I took an old shoe stackable and made that an area for a variety of paper. I include color and paper that has designs. Whenever I am out and about I always look for printed paper with designs on it.  I usually find great buys at the Dollar Store and Walmart. My students use these for final copies of their stories.CupcakeStationery3 I think it actually makes them feel like an author. My students also have a Composition book that they make their own by using pictures they have drawn or taken. Of course I include colored pens,markers, they can really use anything they wish to write their stories. Word walls are posted throughout the class as a guide as well.
When they are ready they can use the Author's Chair to share their stories. I think this year I am actually going to have an Author's Tea for the parents. It will be a night set aside for the parents to read everyones writing.English Tea Cup
So now it's your turn...What are your "Must haves" in your Reading and Writing Workshops?


  1. Thanks for linking up! I am always on the hunt for printed paper.

    My Life as a Third Grade Teacher

  2. I also collect the cute writing paper! For my 2nd graders, I run them thru the copier to print lines on them, because otherwise they're writing will slant diagonally down the page, lol! But I find that they LOVE writing on "fancy" paper! :)

    Teach On.

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