Monday, September 17, 2012

I Will

The saying I well such a commitment don't you think? So now that school is in full swing...I Will....

1. Make sure that my desk and work area are nice and neat before I step foot outside my door. I am striving to be like my partner Scuderi. Last year every time I was in her classroom, I always noticed that her desk and work area were always organized..mine on the other hand looked like organized chaos...If I didn't know better I could have passed for an Art teacher! lol
23:  Inundated

Teachers  desk
These photos are really not my desk....however they could be my before and after shots.

2. I will......
    Make sure that I try and workout at least 6 days a week.
This has been a challenge since school has started up again. During the summer my daughter Alex and I were going full
that school is in session..well let's just say I really don't want to listen to Shaun T. anymore! Insanity is just that...... INSANE!

insanity workout dvd set

3. I Will...
Make sure that I plan my menus for the entire week by Friday night...since I usually food shop on Saturday mornings.

4. I Will.....
try and do my lesson plans during the week in between running copies, making phone calls, answering questions..running a classroom..and running a household. I spend every Sunday afternoon upstairs in my office slogging through material. It would be nice if I could just figure out how I can do my plans at school. Any suggestions?

How about you..What Will you do?

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