Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Change is in the Wind

Yes, I realize that I have not blogged in a zillion days! It has been a crazy busy school year to say the least! :) It has been a good crazy though. My classes have been great and I have really enjoyed teaching Literacy all year.
I have to say that I am really super excited about next year . I will be going from a Middle School setting to an Elementary School setting...... in essence I will be going full circle in my career. I started my teaching career teaching Elementary aged children. It is the strangest thing...packing up 31 years worth of material that I have collected. As I am packing though I am asking my self:
1. Am I crazy for going back to 2nd grade Special Ed?
2. Will my future grandchildren enjoy reading these novels that I have read with my students over the years?...mind you my girls haven't even graduated High School yet or even started High School for that matter ...I actually crack myself up sometimes. lol .....or am I just wasting my breath saving them? ...since most likely books will be the thing of the past......
3. Is this the right decision since we are also trying to sell our house so that we can live in a house that we purchased back in December? Oh have I mentioned  that's another reason why I have not blogged?...Hubs sprang this move on me out of the clear blue...put my head in a tailspin along with our 2 teenage girls! lol
4. Will the friendships I forged for 15 years remain the same?

So as you can see ...Change is in the Wind...some by choice..the career move.....the other by my husband's choice. I will try to be better at this blogging thing.

Change is good right?

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  1. Change is kind of scary, isn't it? But my big change back to a regular classroom 3 years ago reignited my passion for teaching so it was a great move! Advice- don't hang on to stuff. I moved boxes full of ditto masters for years before I finally tossed them. Who even knows what dittos are any more?
    Still Teaching After All These Years