Saturday, May 25, 2013

The 3 B's

It does not feel like summer! It is very cold here at the shore this Memorial Day weekend!
However my thoughts do turn to my Summer Bucket List:

1. Beach days are hopefully coming! I have grown up at the shore. When I hit the bridge and smell that fresh salt air I know that I am home! I try and hit the beach almost every day except the weekends. It gets crazy busy with all that shore traffic! Also,we are going to be able to meet Bethany Hamilton in June when she comes and speaks to  Christian Groups in the area. 

2. Basketball and the Boardwalk
My youngest daughter Torre will be training for the High School Basketball team this summer. So part of my time will be driving with her to practices and games. It's amazing how she has grown as a player! We are very proud of her!
My other daughter Alex got a summer job on the that means me driving her too and from work! We are very excited for her as well. 

My hope is to read a few books for pleasure as well as for professional purposes. I am interested in reading  Behavior Code along with brushing up on the Daily 5 for Literacy and re-reading some posts on Daily 5 Math. Plus I will be on the hunt for some other "good read" recommendations through my Blog stalking. :)

So what are your summer plans?

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