Saturday, June 22, 2013


Let's see....change is always difficult. You have everything in a nice neat package and...BAM!

1. Let's move back to where we used to live Honey. Let's put our dream house up for sale and buy this house. Let's start packing! Needless to say we have yet to sell our dream house...which personally is fine by me....but it is funny from time to time we have to go back and pick things up that we need. Good thing it is only 17 minutes away!
2. Elementary Special education position is available for the 2013-2014 school year. Debbie, why don't you pack up 31 years worth of materials and come on over?  (This actually was by choice)
3. Coming soon to a Blog near you...Bloglovin....Not sure why this is happening..but as of July 1st they are switching over........ at least there aren't any boxes to pack! lol

Like I said change is difficult. So if you are interested in still following me please click the button on the side. See you over at Bloglovin.

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