Friday, June 21, 2013

5 for Friday

Yahoo! It's Friday and it's the first day of Summer!I am linking up with Kacey from

#1 Summer means the beach,boardwalk and summer fun! That's exactly what I did on the very first day of vacation. The day was glorious. Not a cloud in the sky. Dolphins in the ocean,a book  in my hand. It doesn't get any better than this!

#2 Before I hit the beach today,yesterday my family and I celebrated the graduation of my youngest daughter. I have to say it was the quickest procession line of 176 eager 8th graders I have ever seen! We then went out to a local restaurant that was hosting the graduates along with their families.

#3 Entered a new chapter in my life yesterday. My oldest and I hit the road running at much for a day off. I had to get into my new classroom and weed out what I didn't want to keep from the previous teacher. It made for a very interesting day. People stopping in to introduce themselves and or give me the scoop about my incoming class. One woman just wanted to tell me what to do the entire time.  Telling me I should keep the toys and that this isn't the Middle School. first of all...the toys were causing me to have the heebee geebees- so if I were to keep the toys,which I didn't, I would buy new. Second of all, I really don't think she realized that I taught 16 years Elementary prior to teaching Middle School children for 15. I would like to think I have a handle on the situation.I held my ground and was polite.

Paula Deen what were you thinking? Now I won't be able to watch you on the Food Network anymore. :(
It's a hard lesson to learn. I tell  my students,your words are like toothpaste. Once they are out you can not put them back into the tube.
I feel like my To Do List is just getting longer by the minute. I have a ton of things that I want to do that are school related. I think my goal is to accomplish 2 things a day. I will keep you posted on how that is going for me.
What about you? What are your 5 for Friday?


  1. Just wanted to let you know that your link doesn't work in case you want to fix it. My son graduated from 8th grade last week and there were over 330 kids, it went as fast as it could w that many kids. It's annoying to get inundated with unsolicited advice when you are just trying to get yourself organized. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Sherrie. I think I fixed it.
    Enjoy your weekend.