Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Accept This Award

Today was our "Celebration" lunch. I squeezed 28 children  into my classroom along with a handful of adults. We dined on pizza,lemonade,cupcakes and dirt. We put out fires left and right to the point where I just wanted to cry! :(  I actually did in the bathroom for a split second. I have to say I felt much better! :)
Then it was time for the awards. I wanted to share what I did this year. While I have been weeding and throwing things away in preparation for next year I came across the following awards and I just wanted to share.

1. The Energizer Bunny Award-to the student that has a great deal of energy. Batteries and a wooden bunny were given. I searched high and low for a stuffed bunny. Note to self: Easter pick up some stuffed bunnies.

2. The Mona Lisa Award-given to the student who has the nicest smile. They were given a new toothbrush and toothpaste.

3. Jolly Jokester Award-given to a student who either gets my jokes or is funny as well. A bag of Jolly Ranchers for the occasion.

4. Ravenous Reader Award-for students who are constantly with a book in their hand. Books were given of course.

5. The Bright Ideas Award-given to a student that always has an "idea' to share. Gave orange lightbulbs that were pretty cool! Orange happens to be our school color.

6. Future Author Award-given to a student that has writing coursing through their veins. They were given a notebook along with a pen.
7. The Claude Monet Award-given to a student that loves to draw. Colored Pencils were given.

So those are a glimpse of my awards this year.
Oops I forgot one...

Quiet as a Mouse Award....My students were given mouse cat toys for this award. Hoping they don't figure that out! lol

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