Friday, June 14, 2013

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

It's finally Friday and it is time to link up with It certainly seemed like a very looong week!

Life is like a box of never know what is going to happen next.......
I have been very busy helping to plan my Principal's retirement luncheon. There were over 100 people that came out to pay tribute to a wonderful person. His family and grandchildren came as well. Me being the hostess that I am was serving his family plates of sweet treats that a friend had made...when I turned around my foot got caught on the leg of the chair...down I went with all the candies. You could hear a pin drop. My principal came bounding over to pick me up . Can you say...Mortified?!!! I was literally face down on the ground,everyone thought I had fainted. Little did they know that I was willing myself not to cry and praying nothing was showing. Of course being the funny guy that he is..he greeted me at the door today with his arms pretending to scoop me up off the ground. At least he won't forget me. Did I mention that is the second time my principal has had to get me up off the ground?


My classes have been doing the Memory Bag Project from Runde's Room. What a great idea. It allows your students to reflect on their past year. Panels are completed for each side of a paper bag. Students are to answer various questions. Examples include: What was your favorite field trip and why? What was your favorite class? Explain. What is something new you learned this year? You get the picture. Yes, I gave the class homework over the weekend. they are to bring 5 to 10 items in that represent their school year. then they will fill out memory cards about those items. The classes are presenting next week. this idea is worth a look. Even if you save it for next school year.

Had an interesting discussion with my 7th graders this week. We were talking about respecting their coaches even if he happens to be a friend's father. Their responses were surprising. the majority of the class said they would yell at there friend' coach. Is this what society is coming too? No respect of adults? Of course I explained that there would be times in life that they would not agree with everyone,however that is not a license to yell and scream at them! My class was still not getting it! So a day went by and one of my students mentioned to my aide that he has a hard time understanding some of the plays and that he gets confused. First and foremost at least he was thinking about our conversation from the previous day. throughout the school year I have encouraged my students to speak up if they don't understand something. It's the same with this coaching situation. My student needs to inform his coach that he learns in a different way. It's a shame that they are afraid to say something. Wouldn't that be the responsibility of the parent?

Wishing I had a little fairy to finish my packing at school. I am down to the bulletin board stuff. Realized that I needed a container to put them in so they won't get bent and destroyed in the move. The Staples guy suggested to take an un opened packing box and tape the bottom. This way I could just slide my things in. I have to say it does work! That was easy!

My husband surprised me tonight and took me out to dinner since our one daughter was working and the other went to a friend's house to sleep over. It is rare when we can have a full conversation without interruption. It was quite thoughtful on his part. Afterwards we saw a beautiful rainbow. A perfect way to end a crazy week! One more to go! :)


  1. Your husband sounds like a sweetie! I like the Lady and the Tramp picture! Compassion and empathy are pretty darn important. I hate watching all the anger surrounding sports and angry parents. Scary stuff. Kids watch their parents very carefully to model behavior.

  2. I would be mortified too if I tripped in front of so many people. Sounds like you kept it together though -- Good for you! I am also concerned about the lack of respect kids are showing adults these days. I just don't get it. Something needs to change...