Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Is it June Already?

I am linking up with Jess from http://iheartrecess.blogspot.com.
It's great to have goals. the question is can I accomplish them?
As I have mentioned in a previous post, I will not get frustrated with trying to type and download in these templates. So I will do my version..In the meantime if someone could give me a tutorial it would be very helpful.

June Goals are the following:
Personal: Eat healthier. I find that I have been craving sweets lately. I don't know if it is from end of the year stress,going through all my "stuff" for the move or what...but I need to gain control!

Family: With summer upon us,and my oldest working and my youngest playing basketball,I feel that we won't have much time together...so I am going to try and do things with my girls weekly..even if it is going to the beach together or watching a movie. Also, I would love to have a date with my husband sometime this month.

Health: My goal is to exercise more. I will let you know how that turns out! lol I can not stand to exercise..but I will be like the Nike commercial and "Just Do It! "

School: To get organized over the summer and to make a few things each week. I would really like to make some of the things that I have pinned on Pinterest!

Blog: I would like to keep up with blogging since I let it go down the tubes this school year. Like I have mentioned I get frustrated with the downloading of templates and trying to figure out how to post and type on the template etc...HELP!

Read: I love to read all summer. I always have a book in hand be it for pleasure or for teaching. I plan on doing a Book Club with the Book Whisperer. I also just ordered Teach Like a Pirate. I will reread Daily 5 and Cafe..so wish the Sisters would put out the Daily 5 for Math. I also spend a great deal of time reading on the internet and gathering ideas.

So with that being said...what are your June goals?


  1. Hi Debbie,

    Don't get frustrated...I think I can help. First off, do you have Powerpoint? If so, that's probably the easiest way to go. After you open Powerpoint:

    1. Under the "File" drop down menu and change the Page Setup from landscape to portrait by clicking on the taller image.
    2. Drag the image you want (for example the June Goals jpeg) onto the blank slide. Enlarge it to the size of the power point screen.
    3. Next insert a text box and type in it. You will have to insert a new text box for each response you give (for example, on the June Goals slide you would need 6 text boxes to respond to each of the categories).
    4. When you are satisfied with your responses, you can save the new slide by going back to the "File" drop down and selecting "Save as pictures".
    Your slide will be saved in a folder. I usually name the file and save it to the desktop so I can find it easily.

    Hope this was helpful. Give it a try and get back to me with any questions you have.

    Your newest follower :)

    Read With Me ABC

  2. Hi Debbie!

    Thanks for the comments. I actually had to google a "How To" to try to figure out. Wendy did a good job of explaining it though. :)

    I am so jealous you are near a beach! I would just love to go and lay out all day long. I love your June goals. I am thinking about ordering the Teach Like a Pirate book. I'll have to check back in with you to see how you like it. Have a wonderful summer!

  3. Hello! I am visiting from the I {Heart} link up and I am now following you. I love your blog layout! Have you ever tried Leslie Sansone's workout dvds? I don't feel safe walking/jogging outside by myself,so I normally just do her videos. My most recent one allows you to start out at 1 mile and work your way up to 5 miles, or use it for whatever your needs might be. One thing I have learned not to do is force yourself to workout for x amount of times. If I feel like doing 4 or 5, I will. If I feel like doing 1 or 2, I will. Something is better than nothing and if I felt forced to do 4 or 5 miles every single day, I would quit altogether.

    Here is the video I've been using recently. When I get tired of one, I order or buy another one and go back to it when I've not done it in a while. This website allows you to see previews! http://www.collagevideo.com/workout-video/leslie-sansones-ultimate-5-day-walk-plan-6155