Friday, June 7, 2013

The Last Full Friday!

Well the count down has begun...We now have 3 full days and  5 Half Days left! Doesn't seem possible!

Here are my 5 for Friday from Doodle Bugs Teaching. I am going to list in reverse order this week just to change it up. :)

1. After the week I youngest was simply out of it this morning and asked if she could stay home from school. Meanwhile she didn't realize that there was a major possibility that she may not be able to attend the 8th grade Celebration Dance tomorrow night  because she was absent today. Did I mention that I point blank said this to her this morning before I went to work? What do I know? So I quickly sent 2 emails stating that she was only absent once this school year and that was for Take Your Child to Work Day...can I just say she was willing to serve ISS next week?  A melt down in sued and all I could think of was that we ordered 3..count them 3 dresses for nothing????? Talk about stress and prayer. It turns out she can go! Yay! A happy home once a gain!

2. My 8th grade class trip was to the Philadelphia Zoo yesterday. I always love going!  Even though it was overcast we had a great time. I never laughed so much.

3. Still in the midst of helping to plan my Principal's retirement luncheon. We have over 101 people going this coming week! This weekend I will be busy getting last minute items together. I guess I better start filling 101 baggies with either Swedish fish or Goldfish for the party favors. Just can not believe that he is "O fish ally" retiring!

4.  As you all are aware that I am in the midst of transferring schools. During this past month I have been emailing my new principal with countless questions. I have to say I didn't realize that there was so much involved when moving to a different building. I realize it will all work out in the end. I just feel like a pain. I know he is on the other end laughing at me. It wouldn't be the first time.

5. Ever come across old pictures of your students? Since I am cleaning out...all week I have been going down memory lane. It's always nice to look at old pictures and test your memory regarding previous students. It's not so nice to look at old pictures and realize that your haircut at the time made you look like a boy! That was pretty funny and my students got a kick out of that.

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