Saturday, July 6, 2013

Favorite Pins

          I am late to the party due to the fact that I spent my entire day in shore traffic. What normally takes me 20 minutes took me 1 hour and 11 minutes. Mind you I had to do this 4 times! by the 3rd I was ready to jump off the bridge that I was going over. I am linking up with:
      I simply love Pinterest. So below are a few of my favorites:
Just made this for the 4th of July. Get the recipe from my Sweets and Treats pinboard. Made with pretzels and cream cheese goodness.

I have always loved color...even though my house has all white walls thanks to my husband. lol
This looks simple enough.

I have always admired people that are able to knit. This is a hat I would love to learn how to make. Isn't this little one adorable? Check out my board  Cute As Button.

This Big Bundle of Sorts is on my To Do List this summer. You can find it in Andrea Knight's TPT store.

These are a no bake cookie just in time for Summer. They are yummy and addictive! Recipe is on my C is for Cookie pinboard.

I love anything made by the Ladybug Teacher Files. 
I had this in my classroom last year.
So check these pins won't be sorry!

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