Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Wow! It has only taken me a full year to figure out how to insert text into a template! Yahoo!  Sorry..I got carried away. :)
As you can see I am linking up with Jess from
for her Back To School Goals.
I think it is great to have goals..the hard part is sticking to them.

1. Personal: If I  had my way I would eat carbs ALL of the time! However..the pounds slowly creep up on me. I have never been happy about this fact of life. There are only so many ways I can eat eggs!
2. Organization: there are times throughout the day that I have forgotten to make a copy of something. this year I am determined to copy ahead of time!
3. Planning: I have always brought my work home. I am really trying to be better. I just find that I can not concentrate at school to do my weekly plans. If anyone has a solution feel free to interject.
4. Professional: My goal is to grade all papers and return them the same day if not the next morning. I also want to continue to maintain the great friendships I had at the Middle School since I will be teaching in the Elementary School this year. I know it will be an adjustment for all involved.
5. Students: Do you ever call home just because? I plan on calling my parents more this year to tell them the positive rather than the negative.
6. Motto: Each day is like the first. This has been my motto for 32 years. I treat each day like it is my very first day of teaching. It keeps me motivated and excited!

What are your goals?

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