Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Made It.

It's Tara's Monday Made It. Not too many of these left this summer.
This week I did tackle a few of my pins from Pinterest. First up..
My R.A.K jar. If you saw in a previous post about my Social Studies block, I am going to be including Random Acts of Kindness on Wednesdays. I want the children to think about others other than themselves. This little RAK jar is a great start! Of course I will be adding to it during the course of the year. Just found that cute ABC ribbon at Michael's yesterday. We have been munching through Monster Trail Mix from Target all summer. They make the perfect jars!

I have seen these all over every ones boards this summer. The Reading is Sweet motivator. Finally tracked down some Dum Dums at Party City the other day. This cute flower pot was a find earlier this summer at a place we probably own stock in ..Michael's. When  I brought it home I noticed a few chips at the base..nothing a little magic marker couldn't cure. You can not even tell this is a bit imperfect.

Lastly..Focus Sticks.
Now on Pinterest these are made with the BIG Google Eyes...however I spotted these in the Halloween section of where else...Michael's! Something about orange,green and purple eyeballs spells Fun to me! Here is the link for the free printables.
Below are the codes on each tongue depressor. I think it is a fun way to have kids check their writing pieces. What do you think?

Until next Monday.