Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Made It

I am linking up with Tara

I actually made these last night since both my girls were MIA and I didn't need to scoop them up until well after 10 pm. I must admit crafting is something that I simply LOVE! Give me an idea and supplies and I will try to make it my own.
Aren't these Quiet Critters adorable? I have had them on my Pinboard forever! 
The girls and I have been loving the Monster Trail Mix from Target. It is is pricey...but boy is it yummy!

 So that is the jar that I am using. I bought pompoms at Michaels along with google eyes. A little foamy for the feet and then you are set. will also need your trusty glue gun.
The purpose of these little Critters is to set them on someone's desk who is being quiet. If your little one gets noisy..then the Critter goes away. At the end of the class period whoever has their Critter gets a ticket. At the end of the class period then he or she can cash their tickets in for Fabulous Prizes! Hoping these little guys work.

My other Made It is redoing my clipboards. Since my theme is Safari  I found some jungle paper. I used Decoupage. I attached some adorable Monkey and Paw Print ribbon along with lime and brown ribbon. My final step is to use varnish because something tells me that this paper is liable to peel.
So there you have it! Two items down and a zillion to go! lol  
What are you making today?

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