Sunday, July 21, 2013

Socially Speaking

Social Studies seemed a bit harder to plan this week. I don't know if it was the combination of my oldest getting her license,my youngest going to a college for Hoops Camp, or the 100 plus weather. I feel like I wasn't feeling the unit on Community/Maps for some reason. But here goes...

I found this poem: We are not black,or white,or yellow,or red. We are all shades in between and we love the skin we are in. My plan is to have the class do self portraits on the first day of school and hang this poem in the classroom. 

I made this cute Anchor Chart  from Pinterest to show the students the differences in Community:

I plan on sharing the book 
Check this out on
I made this chart below...still working on the head. Thought this would be a great visual for the kids. This is courtesy of Pinterest.

Also going along with the Maps portion of our study..Amanda over at :

has a great product from TPT..

Exploring Maps. She has included a bunch of printables on maps using pirates as her theme. Go over and check it out. I need to purchase eyepatches when I present this part of the unit. What little boy or little girl won't like this fun unit? ARGH!  No she did not ask me to plug her product either.

In addition I plan on doing R.A.K once a week. I am in the process of making this:
We will be doing things for the Staff, people in the Community, etc...It's always better to give back.

Found this website for Current Events:
It is real important for children to understand that there are things not only happening within their community but outside their community as well. I plan on having an In the News Bulletin Board. This way the class can bring in anything that they feel is "newsworthy!"

I also plan on introducing various cultures to the students through art,music and food. My goal is to teach the children that "Community" can come in all shapes ,sizes, and color.

Next Up: Math

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