Monday, August 26, 2013

Can I Have Your Attention Please!

Last night as I was cutting out an abundance of lamination for my classroom , I found myself watching the VMAs on MTV.
I find these award shows quite interesting to say the least. Everything from the hair and makeup down to the dress or the not dressed, always catches my attention.
One person seems to have caught all of America's attention  today... Miley Cyrus...aka Hannah Montana. I watched her last night wondering, "what happened?" She was all over the place with her singing,her outfit screamed, "Look at Me!" and her hair style looked so child like! I don't even want to address the whole Robin Thicke escapade!
Is Miley any different than the children that walk through our classroom doors? Don't they want our undivided attention no matter what it takes? A new outfit, a new hairstyle...once I had a student shave off her eyebrows. She was the talk of the school.
Miley,personally I think you accomplished what you set out to get everyone talking...and to get the attention you so desperately are craving.
I must say though...I miss the days when you were Hannah Montana. My girls and I would cuddle up and watch every episode together....that's the Miley I remember.

Classroom reveal by Friday. I unpacked the last box today. The rest of the week I am just doing odds and ends. So excited for next week!

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