Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's "Where I Teach" Wednesday at the

Cape May I teach about 10-15 miles north of this beautiful picture of Cape May. Can you imagine living near the shore and being able to drive east to the ocean and south to this beautiful lighthouse? I do feel very blessed to be able to say that I am fortunate to teach in paradise.
  My actual room though is the old Home Economics room in a Middle School setting. Art on Wheels: New Art Space!
Years ago we had budget cuts...I was then given a room similar to this picture...sorry I would love to show you my actual room...but I will need to wait until next week. I love my room! There is irony however. There was a time that I wanted to be a Home Ec. teacher,however I had a High School teacher talk me out of it. He said that there would come a time when there would no longer be Home Ec. in the schools,that I should really teach Special Needs children.I am actually glad that I listened to him some 34 years ago! :)
 My room is rather is almost like having two rooms in one. My students sit at tables...and we have access to the kitchen. Yes, I do teach my students how to cook. I use it as a behavior and academic incentive.

We run the Panther Paw CafeAnimal Paw Print Beads Handmade from Polymer Clay
 out of my room on a weekly basis.We are going into our ninth year. Students are taught how to bake, make soups, salads, etc...It's a great way to keep the class under control, because they all want to work in the kitchen.
Sooo..why don't you link up and tell us where you teach?

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