Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teacher Week

I am linking up with http://imbloghoppin.blogspot.com for their 2nd annual Teacher week. Some of my teaching "must haves" are:

1. Post-It Notes....I use these every single day..so do my students when they make connections to their reading. I also use them for "Exit " tickets as well. I love them in all colors and shapes too! :)

Post-it Notes

Another item that I must have in my classroom is...

Clipboard for Teacher! There is something about a clipboard that sings..."teacher" to me! lol It's portable, has a smooth service to write down all those important observations...each of my students has one as well. This way they can go anywhere in the classroom and do an assignment. It is very versatile.
 Another "must have" in my class is Notebook I use notebooks constantly and so do my students. I made one for every grade level this summer. I use them for Parent Contact,Cafe, and Writer's Notebook as well. Finally... Recycled Waterbottle What are your 'Must haves?"

 Tuesday Technology........
.. iPad mini
I have pinned so many Apps from Pinterest. I also have downloaded Apps that I found this summer on http://simplek12.com. They offered various webinars this summer. I am looking for audible stories for my students to listen too and follow along. Do you know of any good ones that you can recommend?


  1. Post its made my list, too! :) You are welcome to check out my classroom blog to see the websites my students visit to listen and follow along with stories. Here is the link if you're interested:


    Teach On.