Friday, July 27, 2012

The Write Stuff

It's Throwback Thursday with Cara over at the First Grade Parade. Here is a post that I had way back when regarding Writing. Hoping some the sources that are mentioned will prove helpful to someone. 

One of my goals today is more or less to have my Writing lessons mapped out for the the school year. There are three resources I am pulling from : No More "I'm Done!" by Jennifer Jacobson, Awakening the Heart  by George Heard, and Notebook Know How by Aimee Buckner.
Before I decided to become a teacher my secret desire was to work in the field of journalism. I really think it was a fleeting thought because at the age of 9 I decided to be a teacher. Any way enough of my little back story!
I enjoy teaching the writing process. Each of my students will have a Marbled Composition Book that they will make their "own" with pictures and words using the front and back cover...similar to what Beth Newingham does. Here is her link: Check her site out....she has incredible ideas to share.
There are so many ideas that you can pick from to "launch" your notebook. Buckner's Notebook Know How offers a several ideas: History of a Name, Writing from a List, Questioning...just to name a few. I like to use picture books even at the Middle School level to "activate" their thinking.
No More "I'm Done!" offers actual mini lessons that build independence..which is really great if you are implementing The Daily 5/Cafe method in your room. Jacobson includes mini lessons starting with the month of October. She includes a lot of picture book ideas along with an extension for every lesson.
Awakening the Heart explores the world of poetry...which personally I feel it should be taught in some form every day. I think I am going to bring back Poetry Monday..each child is given a poem...Word Work could be launched from this....they practice the poem all week..and then I picked up a cute idea off of Pinterest...Open Mic Friday...where they getup in the front of the room and recite their poem for the week, in a microphone...which I actually wear around my neck in my classroom...great practice at any age! 
So when you get a chance check out these 3  books. They  will surely enhance any type of writing you will be doing this school year.
What type of writing activities are you planning on using in your classroom?

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