Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Better Late Than Never....


 As the summer is winding is my "To Do" List. I have finally uploaded some of the things that I have made this summer.I have taken ideas from Pinterest and made them my own. I thank all of you for your inspirations.

First is my Teacher Tool Box. I just love this idea. What a great way to be organized.

Why is this picture  blurry? Have no clue...sorry.

Organization is going to be the "Key" this school year. I am armed and ready with notebooks for each class along with a notebook for myself. In addition I have set up 2 file boxes so for Daily 5/Cafe tools that I am going to use and the other called the Monday-Friday File where I will be able to put my copies per class so that Mt. Teise doesn't appear on my work table this year!

Next up...My Journal Jar filled with quotes. Each day my students will grab a "You Don't Say..." and write what they feel their specific quote might  mean. During Work on Writing time I will go over their quotes on an individual basis. You can find a list of these quotes on the following website.

I am also going to use the Whole Class Journal Concept.  On this table is My Warm Fuzzy Jar..still need to make 2 more since I will have 3 sections of Literacy,Blurt Alert can, Take One pencils..while I am doing conferencing and a cute flower pot with numbers so I don't forget to call on anyone this school year.

I have been doing soooo much laminating and copying this summer in between taking my daughters to and from basketball games, the beach and church.

While my list is not complete I do feel like I have accomplished quite a bit this summer.
Oh I almost forgot here are a few more pics.

Hoping your List is winding down as well...What do you have left to do?


  1. Debbie I am so glad you found me on the blog hop because now I found you! I love your ideas and it looks like we do have a lot in common! I scrolled down to your "random facts" and giggled when you said you love current songs on the radio with your teenage daughters. I love that too! We drove all the way to San Diego this summer cranking out the top 20 songs and singing every word. So much fun! Glad you found me! ~Heather

  2. Can I ask you how you set up a "reply" button on your comments? I have been trying to figure that one out but I haven't been able to make it work. There is so much to learn in the world of blogging!