Saturday, August 4, 2012


Farley from is having her Mustache Linky party..rules are
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This is my first took me a while and a little help from a mutual MAC user...Holly from Thanks Holly for all of your help.
So I am up late and 'currently" it is Sunday on the East I thought I would tackle my blog and give "Currently" a whirl.

While typing  I was listening to  the National Anthem on my daughter's TV. So very proud of the US. they are an awesome bunch of athletes this year.

I have to say that this summer I have loved spending time with my teenage daughters, We just are on the heels of a Christian retreat that we attended on the beach in South Jersey. This yearly summer event always brings me not only closer to God but to my girls as well. We had a wonderful time together!

This  evening/morning I am thinking that our local community has had so much sadness the past few days..losing teenagers at the hands of  irresponsible people. Prayers are needed for the families.


Who doesn't want a maid?

What to do? What to do? Plenty....I need to get my projects finished before school starts. Hopefully I will have enough time!


1.Rolling Crate to carry all of my "stuff" too and from my car. Best 20 bucks I have spent at Staples.
I go through at least 2 a year...but so worth the money
2. keep track of everything
3.Air Freshener....I buy tons of Apple Cinnamon Air Wicks to put around my
 classroom. I also have cans of Air Freshener to use just in case....

What are you Currently doing in August?


  1. I am proud to be an American when I hear the national anthem. They are all doing a great job!! A parent last year gave me some "Thinking Brain" spray. It was a can of Glade air freshner and whenever we had a test or paper the kids would always say they needed their thinking spray. LOL It was cute!

  2. HI! I found you through the blog hop. I'm your newest follower :) Good luck with the new school year and enjoy your final days of summer vacation! I'm your newest follower and would love if you would return the favor by hopping on over and checking out my blog. I'm a newbie blogger and am building my blog one day at a time. When I go back to the classroom I'll be adding more content.