Saturday, August 4, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Wow! Another award! Thank you Melissa from It was so sweet of you.
Here is how it works:
*Link to the person who nominated you
*Include award image on your site
*Include 7 random facts about yourself
*Award to 5-10 bloggers and include their link and let them know as well.

7 Random Things About Me:

*My husband and I met through a personal ad that my sister posted in the local newspaper 17 years ago.
*My secret desire was always to be a ballerina. Let me tell you..I am not coordinated by any means.
*When I retire I would love to cater for parties of 2,or open a Christmas shop in memory of my mother and call it In the Nick of Time--her married name was Nickerson
*Both my parents were in the Marine Corps..that is probably where I get my class structure from.
*I love singing the current songs on the radio with my 2 teenage daughters
*Favorite dessert is cookies of any kind...however this summer with the heat in South Jersey,I have been spotted with Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream.
*I have been the Head of Children's Ministries in my church for 9 years.

Here are my Blog picks for the Versatile Blogger Award:
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  1. Hi Debbie! I received your question about the Currently on a Mac. I do the following:
    1. copy the blank image from by ctrl + click and "save image as"
    2. open power point and import picture from file...choose the currently image
    3. Next, insert text box and type an answer in each space. I use separate text boxes for each one.
    4. Then, I find it easiest to take a screenshot of the image. Press shift+ open apple + 4 to take a screenshot that you can drag around your currently image. When you let go after dragging it around your textbox, it will save to your desktop.
    5. Create a new post in blogger and insert the picture from your desktop when typing your post.
    Let me know if you have any other questions and thank you for stopping by my blog!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper