Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Teach Like a Champion

Michael Phelps Last year in my classroom I had a sign that read "Learn Like a Champion." Watching Michael Phelps make history last night winning his 19th medal...... what an incredible accomplishment..... made me pause and think...shouldn't we be teaching like champions? There are so many dedicated teachers among us,however there are those that "fly" right under the radar day in and day out. I am sure you have thought to yourself,"How do they get away with it?" It is actually there choice. The unfortunate lesson in this is that their children are not seeing the "champion." So here is my list for being a champion this year in the classroom:
 1.Get a good night sleep.
2. Eat a healthy breakfast.
3.Greet your children at the door with a smile. :)
 4. Be a good listener
5. Be creative.
 6.Be willing to try new ideas in your classroom
7.Try not to hang out with the negative people.
 8.Be positive..
9.Break out in kids love when I do this. A great attention getter too!
10. Exercise..notice this is towards the end of my list?.lol....just got back into doing this with my girls. I think the Olympics have something to do with it!
11. Never give up! How about you? How are you going to teach like a Champion this that your students can learn like champions?


  1. The Olympics really are inspiring! I hope to make a change and teach like a champion by being more organized. I will have a student teacher and two new members to our 4 person team. They will need lots of my help, being the grade level chair, so I need to be more organized so I can keep my sanity and hopefully help them out along the way!

  2. I love that mantra. "Teach like a champion." It has such a nice ring to it!

  3. I nominated you for a blog award!