Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Teaching is Easier Than.....

Don't get me wrong. I waited a looong time to be a Mom. I have to say, " teaching is easier than being a Mom!" lol
There are times when I take a deep breath before I enter my house after working all day. I swear teenage girls are aliens! I never know what kind of mood either of them will be in. My husband and I duck and cover some nights!
My youngest has a Celebration Dance next week...we ordered a dress from all places.... China! What were we thinking? It has not come in yet. She proceeds to "flip out!" tonight we had to order a "back up" dress!
 Meanwhile I am thinking in my mind perhaps she and I will take a road trip north of here and view Hurricane Sandy damage once again..since she is having a "brain freeze" about what took place 2 hours north of us this past October. She needs to be reminded that she has a "great" life even though her dress has yet to arrive! Drama!
Anywhoo..I truly think some days it is easier to teach, yes there are times when the teenagers I deal with talk back..but usually I can put them else where... like the office.....yes, I do have girl drama in my classroom.....however today in our Reality Central textbook we read about how to handle conflict with classmates. I am hoping the techniques we discussed will help with conflict for the remainder of the school year. By the way..I really enjoy this text because it is based on real life situations. Over the course of the school year we have had some great discussions.
What do you think...Maybe I should bring this book home and have my girls read a chapter or two?
Is teaching easier for you?


  1. I feel the same some days! I work with first graders and come home to a first grader, 5 yr. old and 2 1/2 yr. old. Some days they are all crying at the same time...... I have to breathe deeply often. I will pray for you. :)

  2. Maria,
    It sounds like I should be praying for you! All those little ones plus little ones at school! God Bless you! :)